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Pulse Wase Analysis System

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Hardening of the arteries, and its relation to age, is far from a new phenomenon, and is an important independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The fact that arteries stiffen with increasing age, and that such changes are associated with an increased incidence of major cardiovascular events is now established beyond doubt.

GAON 21A (pulse wave analysis system) is a technique that is simple, reproducible, non-invasive, and provides more information on ventricular vascular interaction than measurements of systolic and diastolic pressure using conventional syphgmomanometry.

The forward-going pressure wave is reflected back from sites of impedance mismatch and normally returns to the aorta during diastole, where it serves to maintain coronary artery blood flow.

Major Functions

  • Easy and simple operation for regular diagnosis (finishes measurements and provides report in 3 minutes)
  • Accurate measurement using multi-array pressure sensors
  • Provide central aortic blood pressure and indices of various arterial function
  • Provide risk factors for arterial disease
  • Easy to follow up the patient? treatment effect
  • Possible to upgrade analysis software (PC-based system)


  • Early prognosis for vascular disease such as arterial aging, hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, and Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Early prognosis for the vascular elasticity and stiffness
  • Healthcare and early prognosis for the geriatric disease